Business Valuation

How much is your business worth to you?  It’s priceless, we’d guess.  But sometimes you need a real dollar value.  By conducting a business valuation of your finances, among other factors, we can provide you with the fair market value of your business.

When do you need to know the value of your business?

Business Valuation services are needed when selling or buying all or part of an interest in a business

Dissolving a partnership?
Merging with another business
Getting a divorce
You’ve received a business as a gift, or part of an estate
You plan to make charitable contributions
For your estate planning
To obtain financing
Setting up an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)
To determine damages in a lawsuit

Whatever the reason, we will provide you with a thorough, timely analysis of the value of your business so you can make an educated decision. Don’t get caught short and sell your business, without a proper valuation of your business assets

If you need to determine you business value, please contact us for our Business Valuation Services.