2017 Tax Filing Season Begins Jan. 23 for Nation’s Taxpayers, Tax Returns Due April 18

Below is an article regarding this tax seasons filings for your review. Please note the deadlines, and comments about refunds for this season. IR-2016-167, Dec. 9, 2016 WASHINGTON ― The Internal Revenue Service announced today that the nation’s tax season will begin Monday, Jan. 23, 2017, and reminded taxpayers claiming certain tax credits to expect […]

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understanding the 2016 tax laws

5 New Tax Law Changes for 2016 You Need To Know

Planning for the end of 2015 and understanding what some of the changes in tax laws and how it will affect your tax decisions when filing. Read the article below on tax filing deadlines, thresholds and penalties and tax thresholds and deductions for 2016. The 2016 tax law changes are just around the corner, and […]

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Obamacare Business Penalties

IRS Fines Employers

The article below contains some of the pressing issues between small businesses and the Affordable Care Act. Please read so that you will be prepared for any potential taxes that may be levied upon your business. Obamacare Travesty: IRS Fines Employers For Reimbursing Workers Is the Affordable Care Act affordable? It was passed by the same […]

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Revocable Trusts and Planning Your Estate

Revocable Trusts and Estate Planning

Revocable Trusts (also known as “living trusts” are highly recommended by many estate planning practitioners. Prior to creating your trust, steps need to be taken to identify, transfer appropriate assets to the trust. Attached is a pdf for you to use as a guide for determining the establishment of a revocable trust, the funding of […]

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Taxation policies in 2014

2014 Tax Developments As A Guide to 2015 Tax Strategy

Your Guide to 2015 Tax Strategy Planning out your 2015 tax strategy is essential to your financial health. We have found this article below to be a great summary and analysis of taxation policy in 2014. 02/01/2015 BY GEORGE G. JONES AND MARK A. LUSCOMBE Although 2015 is now well underway, memories of those tax […]

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2015 tax law changes

Tax Law Changes for 2015

New tax rules and changes for the 2015 tax year are summarized below. As we enter the final quarter of 2015, knowing the tax changes is important so that you can make any business and personal changes to benefit you before the end of the year. 2015 Tax Law Changes   by Mary Stark-Hood, JD, […]

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Understanding the Affordable Care Act for Tax Strategies in 2015

Affordable Care Act Tax Strategies

Are Your Tax Strategies Consistent with the Mandates of the Affordable Care Act? The Affordable Care Act has serious and complicated individuals tax mandates as well as employer mandates. Read the article below to get further information on the Affordable Care Act and how you should implement your 2015 tax strategies.   BY GEORGE G. […]

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2013 NH Legislative Session in Review

The enclosed  pdf on the 2013 NH Legislative tax session is to provide tax payers with a reference guide on relevant statutory changes made during the 2013 Legislative session by the NH General Court impacting various taxes. This is for information purposes only and is a summary of the enacted legislation. Please give us a […]

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2013 Massachusetts Tax Changes

If you are a MA resident or Software business, then please read the following article on the Massachusetts Tech Tax. On Friday afternoon, the tax attorneys at Gesmer Updegrove, its clients, and much of the Massachusetts business community breathed a collective sigh of relief, as Governor Deval Patrick signed a bill repealing the nascent “TechTax.” […]

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Tax Planning For Small Business Owners

Tax Planning Tips to Reduce or Eliminate Tax Liability Tax planning is the process of looking at various tax options in order to determine when, whether, and how to conduct business and personal transactions to reduce or eliminate tax liability. Many small business owners ignore tax planning. They don’t even think about their taxes until […]

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