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Making Numbers Make Sense

As the saying goes, “it’s a numbers game.”  We make sense of the numbers so you have more time to run your business.  We work with numbers, YOUR numbers, to limit your tax liability, help you grow your business and strengthen your bottom line.

There are numerous ways that we can help you realize your financial potential.  By working with P & M and utilizing one or a combination of our business or individual accounting services, we can help you build your future.

We use many tools to take your finances to the next level:

Accounting and Financial Statements

We help you develop systems to streamline your bookkeeping for easier management and control of your paperwork. Periodic financial statements will keep you informed and on track throughout the year so that you can achieve your goals.

Tax Preparation and Planning

Having a professional do your taxes is vital to the success of your business.  We’ll insure you pay what you owe and not a penny more. Plus, we’ll help you plan for the year ahead so you can anticipate tax code changes and other issues BEFORE they affect your bottom line.

Business Valuation

We have the skills and experience to study all aspects of a business and put a realistic number on its value. We have been providing such skilled valuations for nearly thirty years.


Strategic Business Consulting

From start-up to well-established, all businesses need to plan for the future.  We will help you reach your business goals by analyzing your present situation and recommend a strategy to take you to the next level.


Compilation and Review   

We offer full Compilation and Review services for our business clients. This involves preparing and reviewing all financial statements for management, stockholders, and other interested parties in accordance with the standards of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


Our Experience Grows with Your Bottom Line

If our years in this business have taught us anything, it’s that things are always changing – tax codes, laws, standards – and even you – your goals, your needs, your business.

Part of our dedication to our profession and our clients is to remain up to date, and when possible, ahead of these changes.

All of our employees take all required refresher courses (for CPA‘s, that’s 40 hours of continuing education) and tax law updates throughout the year so we can provide you with the most current options for your situation.

We also stay up to date with trends in the business, including software and other requirements.  And at required peer reviews, Pappalardo & Merrill earns the highest rating.  All of this is to help us do our job better.  And our job is to help you navigate your financial future.

Dollars and Sense

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2016 Tax Organizer

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