Tax Planning and Preparation

NH & MA Individual Tax Planning and Preparation
Best Laid Plans  Using Proper Individual Tax Planning
and Preparation Means More Money in Your Account

 [NH & MA Individual tax planning and preparation services]  There’s more to smart tax planning than just mailing a form to the IRS.  In fact, over-paying the government on individual returns is very common.  That $1000 or more tax refund is a welcome windfall every April, right?

Unfortunately, no. What it really means is that you gave the federal government one year to play with $1000 of YOUR hard-earned cash.

That’s where we come in with our tax planning services.  We can help you keep more of the money you earn. We will help you choose your deductions and advise you on how to keep track of your expenses and finances, so when tax time comes, you’re prepared.

Every year, we will complete your forms for your yearly tax return so you don’t pay one cent more than you owe.  Then we’ll re-evaluate your plan and make adjustments based your goals or situation.

Here for You – All Year for your Tax Planning 

Most people only see their accountant once a year.  Sometimes that’s ok.  You’ve stayed in the same house, and have the same job.  It’s status quo.  For many people, though, things don’t stay the same from year to year.

Keep in touch.  If something changes in your life, let us know in case it affects your finances.  If you have questions or concerns any time of year, don’t hesitate to call us for your tax planning needs.

Improving your bottom line through proper tax planning and preparation,  is our year-round commitment. To assist you we set up quarterly or semi- annual meetings to make sure that your personal tax obligations have not changed. We inform you of tax laws that have changed or are pending and how it can affect you…

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